Hi, I’m A Single Mom And An Entrepreneur


Hi… My name is Sara and I’m a single mom and an Entrepreneur.

I’ve had a couple wake-up calls recently (the big one being I am now a single mom) that’s made me realize I haven’t been true to myself, my personality or my strengths. I don’t want to look back at yet another year gone by and regret not pushing myself forward toward what I really want to do. I want to help people, especially single moms be relaxed and happy with their lives. I want to write and create products. I want to connect with other moms going through similar situations.

And so, today is the first day of slowly filling a role and personality I’ve been denying myself. I’ve already got some products and services going but I’m going to stop limiting myself. And I’m going to focus on my strengths instead of stifling them.

How I plan to stop limiting myself

  1. I’m going to stop constantly making lists and plans. Preparation is good, to an extent, but if you overuse it or if you avoid taking big steps by continuously planning then that’s not so good.
  2. I’m going to listen to my feelings and intuition. I’ve trained myself to analyze situations and decisions to death. My intuition is my strength. I’m going to start tuning into that more.
  3. I’m going to start each day off with a big action. Big actions are intimidating but they shouldn’t be. Big actions are what propels your business or product or career. Do those tasks first and then move onto the necessary tasks like paying bills and researching topics for your next blog post.

We single moms have a lot of pressure in our lives. Work, whether you own a business or are an employee, kids and new relationships can make us lose track of who we are. I hope this blog helps you remember and reconnect with yourself. I will be right there next to you, trying to remember who I am.


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